Carbon literacy trainer in United Kingdom

I train people in Carbon Literacy all the time, but the action day is special because it sees the largest number of people, around the world, simultaneously complete Carbon Literacy training.

Becoming Carbon Literate means taking actionable steps towards tackling the greatest threat the world faces right now: the climate emergency. It means understanding what the problem is and what we can actually do about it in our own lives, workplace and organisations.

This is what I'm passionate about. 

  • Helping people and organisations do everything they can to mitigate for climate change
  • Helping them to create a low carbon culture
  • Offering hope in the face of a huge challenge

For the CLAD, I'll be running an online Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations course. It begins on Monday 20th November, with the final session on Monday 4th December.

 If you'd like to take Carbon Literacy into your organisation or sector but need to become Carbon Literate yourself first, then this is the course for you. If there isn't currently a course tailored to your sector, this is the course for you. You'll be learning alongside people from a range of sectors, but you'll all be passionate about tackling climate change.

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  • Becoming Carbon Literate will help you create a positive change in your organisation or industry.
  • You'll develop a strong understanding of the global and local impacts of climate change.
  • It will get you out of our comfort zone and making an impact by doing something extraordinary.
  • It will spur you on to take effective climate action and aspire to make the biggest reduction in emissions possible.
  • You will leave ready to take action to create lasting change and hope for all.

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