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Helping Individuals, Organisations and Communities become Carbon Literate

Education is more important than ever to tackle the climate emergency. My Carbon Literacy training courses aim to equip individuals and organisations across all manner of sectors with the relevant facts, skills and strategies they need to reduce their own carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same.

I specialise in courses for those who would like to take Carbon Literacy into their own sector, courses for local authorities, and courses for churches. I also offer hands-on course creation service for those looking to run their own carbon awareness courses tailored to their industry and freelance climate change writing services.

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Carbon Literacy Courses

My courses will raise your level of carbon awareness. You will leave knowing what you can do to take practical action and have maximum impact around climate change.

Group learning about carbon literacy

Carbon Literacy Training for Interested Organisations Course

A days-worth of learning about climate change, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. This course covers the science and impacts of climate change as well as equipping you and your organisation to bring about the rapid reduction in emissions required to tackle climate change.

Carbon Literacy Course 

Carbon literacy training

Carbon Literacy: Train the Trainers


Training for people who are new to delivering Carbon Literacy and trainers who would like to gain their Carbon Literacy Trainer accreditation. In this course you will learn how to best use your knowledge to run you own Carbon awareness courses within your own industry or sector.

Train the Trainers Course 


 Please contact me if you have any questions about my courses, get in touch with me today.

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My Other Services

Should you or your organisation require more bespoke or hands-on services, I am able to provide the following services.

 Course creation for carbon literacy

Course Creation

If you are looking for a course about climate change, long or short, accredited or not, I can help you to create it. These can range from short seminars to 6+ hour courses to one-off presentations.

Course Creation Services 

 Writing about climate change


Having worked as a freelance journalist for 15 years and been involved in tackling climate change the majority of my adult life, I am more than happy to help you or your institution if you need blogs or articles about climate change.

Climate Change Writing 


To find out more about these services, please get in touch via my booking form.

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Very good balance of prompting discussion and asking questions, generating very good debate amongst a group with very various backgrounds. Lots of good graphics and visuals on the slides, which was very engaging.

Caroline was good at replying to both technical points and much broader, basic climate questions.

The links to additional resources were very helpful too and tailored to the participants in the group. It was clear that the leader had considered everyone's interests and current working situations.


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If you have any questions about my services or Carbon Literacy as a whole, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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