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25 years' experience in climate change

My name is Caroline Harmon. Thank you for visiting my website.

My passion is to help others tackle climate change. I've been doing this for nearly 25 years. Prior to becoming a Carbon Literacy trainer, I worked with environmental charities for almost two decades, with a focus on climate change.

Over this varied career I found myself drawn to climate change education, Carbon Literacy in particular. Climate change is the most important issue we face and with a day's worth of training, we can all learn how we can tackle it in the most effective way possible. I now work as a self-employed trainer, focusing on climate change education.

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 I love the Carbon Literacy course, it's changed my life! It opens up so many great discussions on climate change, faith, and action, which makes my job easier. Thank you to Caroline who was an excellent teacher and trainer, I am a huge fan.


– Church of England course attendee

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How I started offering online Carbon Literacy training



I ran Carbon Literacy courses in person for a year before Covid-19 meant I took them online.

Climate change was too important an issue for me to drop altogether so, during the pandemic, I created the world's first online Carbon Literacy training.

Today, I still run most of my courses online. They're perfect if you want to learn about climate change but don't want to travel for a short course.

Please take a look at my courses to find out how I can do the same for your organisation. If you are interested in a more bespoke service, please fill out a contact form and I will get back to you.

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 A few testimonials for my courses, presentations and services

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‘Every topic area had some striking information which I know I will find easy to remember and think about in my day-to-day life'.

- Community Carbon Literacy course attendee, May 2021 

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‘The information was delivered at the right pace. At no point did I feel overwhelmed with information. Neither did I feel bored.'

- Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations course attendee, March 2023.

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‘[You] allowed for considerable peer learning through the discussions. The pace was really good. The content was all very relevant.'

– Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations Course attendee, March 2023

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‘Many thanks for a really engaging course. I think you've really helped set us up to succeed!'

– Carbon Literacy Train the Trainers course attendee, March 2023




Frequently Asked Questions about my approach to Carbon Literacy


What is Carbon Literacy?

To be Carbon Literate, as defined by the Carbon Literacy Project, is to have ‘an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.’ Individuals can become Carbon Literate by attending and passing an accredited Carbon Literacy course. The Carbon Literacy Project also provides accreditation schemes for organisations and trainers.

How will my organisation benefit from being certified Carbon Literate?

On top of the practical benefits, such as an improved understanding of climate change and how to reduce their carbon emissions, a certification in Carbon Literacy can enhance your organisation’s reputation and public image as a green-minded business and reduce your outgoings by reducing energy bills.

What do I need to do in order to become Carbon Literate?

You can become Carbon Literate by undertaking a Carbon Literacy training course accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. During the course you will be offered the chance to submit two pledges. If the Carbon Literacy Project is happy with your pledges you will receive a certificate to confirm you are Carbon Literate. During my courses, I provide support to help you write meaningful pledges which will help you become Carbon Literate, Most importantly of all, my courses help you identify the most significant actions you and your organisation can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

Are the courses you offer accredited?

Yes. All of my Carbon Literacy courses have been accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. I can also create and offer shorter, non-accredited courses.



Who have you worked with in the past?

Over the years I have provided climate change-focused training for a number of organisations including:



  • The Church of England
  • Redditch Borough Council
  • Bromsgrove District Council
  • East Sussex County Council

  • DeMontfort University
  • The Scottish Episcopal Church
  • Community groups in Leicestershire



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If you have any questions about my services or Carbon Literacy as a whole, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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